To provide integrated solutions for global clean energy and oil and gas engineering to meet the personalized needs of customers and partners.

Integrated Technology Service & Turnkey Services

To provide integrated solutions for global clean energy and oil and gas engineering to meet the personalized needs of customers and partners.

Integrated Oilfield Development Service

Integration of design, procurement, and construction to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Environment Protection of Oilfield

Hilong Oilfield Services' solid control and environmental services cover: drilling fluid solid control, completion fluid without solid phase treatment, solid waste treatment services for oil and gas field development, including advanced technologies such as reduction and treatment of oily sludge, bioremediation treatment, reduction and treatment of water-based cuttings solid-liquid separation, high-temperature anaerobic thermal desorption harmless treatment of oily sludge,

Automatic Drilling


Supply Chain

Line pipe series Standard: API 5L/ASME/ASTM/EN/DIN/JIS/BV/DNV etc. Application:Used for conveying gas, water and petroleum in oil and natural gas industries.
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  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Oman
  • UAE
  • Iraq
  • Nigeria
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  • Ecuador

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), a company incorporated and valid existing under the law of China, an IADC member, a subsidiary of the Hilong Holding Limited which is listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 21st, 2011. The Company is committed to providing customers at home and abroad with oil engineering technologies and services. The Company is incorporated on July 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 80 million, with its headquartered is located in the core area of the Beijing Central Business District .


As an IADC member, Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. is focused on onshore drilling and workover engineering operations, oil engineering and technical services, and the export of casing pipes and other pipes all over the world.


As an international drilling contractor, the Company is well versed in the oil and gas business and has been engaged in overseas operations for many years. At present, it has 15 drilling and workover rigs operating in Iraq, Ecuador, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Malaysia and many other countries, providing high quality services for world-famous oil companies like Shell, BP, PAM, Andes, CNPC, UEPL, PPL, etc. The Company has also set up local subsidiaries and branches in many countries and regions.


The onshore drilling and workover operations and engineering and technical services provided by the Company include directional drilling, horizontal drilling, cementing, coring, under-balanced drilling, drilling (completion) fluid, protection and transformation of oil and gas wells, oil equipment assembling and testing, the import and export of oil pipes and other oil equipment parts, among other services.


The Company is divided into 12 departments with delineated functions: The General Manager's Office, Trade Administration Department, Production Coordination Department, Engineering Technology Management Department, QHSE Department, Completion Stimulation Technology DepartmentMarketing Development Department, Equipment Management Center, Supply Chain Management Center, Finance and Business Management Department, Human Resources Department and Department of Legal Affairs. In line with actual need, the Company will consider establishing subsidiaries, branches, or project departments at home or abroad so as to achieve unified and efficient management.

Floor 20, Office Building No.1, Shimao Inter-national Center, Yard 13 Gongti North Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027 China
(+86)10-6533 0644

Hilong Petroleum Drilling and Engineering Service Limited (Malaysia) was incorporated in January of 2014. At present, HL-2(2000HP) is providing drilling services for PETRA.

Lot 2652, Taman Bayshore,Block 3, MCLD 98000, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Pakistan (Private) Limited (Pakistan) was incorporated in April of 2013, with its headquarters located in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan.


Since its establishment, the company has been providing high-quality services to customers. The drilling rig and IWS businesses have been serving UEPL (formerly BP), OGDCL (Pakistan National Oil Company), PPL (Pakistan's second largest oil company), POL, and other oil companies, respectively.


Drilling Services:

 HL-21 team (2000HP drilling rig) has completed multiple high-temperature and high-pressure oil and gas wells since entering the Pakistan project in 2013, and has received high recognition and praise from our client;

Hl-5 team (1500HP drilling rig) has been providing high standard drilling services since 2013, with outstanding performance, and has completed  over 50 wells;

HL-9 team (1500HP drilling rig) entered Pakistan in 2017 to provide drilling services, and has completed  over 25 wells;


Other services:

In 2017, Pakistan introduced IWS service and also carried out DWM cutting treatment service, providing services to multiple oil companies such as OGDCL, POL, PPL, UEPL, etc;


At present, the Pakistan project is actively promoting high-end services such as intelligent oilfield service and nano production increase service.

House No. 25, Khayaban-E-Hafiz, Phase- V, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Limited (Oman branch) established in 2017, with its headquarters located in Muscat, the capital of Sultanate of Oman.


Our current operation teams in Oman include:


HL-58: 2000HP Automated Rig, has been commended for 5 years LTI Free, and as of now, it still operates safely and continuously during drilling operations;


HL-59: 2000HP Automated Rig,  has set a new record in Saih Rawl North West field    by  delivering SRNW-21  in 55.8 days.


At present, Hilong Oman is actively innovating its service model, carrying out business transformation to better serve the local oilfield development requirements of Clients.

P.O.Box:2709 | P.C.130 | Flat No : 684 | Way No:268, Al-azaiba, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
+968 7196 6882

Hilong Oil Service DMCC was established in 2015 and is located in the DMCC Free Zone of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


It is the sub center for the development of Hilong Oilfield Services Market, radiating to the drilling, workover, and technical service markets in the Middle East and North Africa.


The company provides oil service equipment leasing, oilfield equipment, OCTG, and oilfield chemical products sales.

Unit No 3482, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0) 58566 7816

 Ocean Oil Services was established in 2022 and is located in the urban area of the United Arab Emirates.


It is a professional drilling, workover, and technical service company focused on the local market of the UAE. It also has sales and service qualifications for oilfield chemicals, equipment, and  pipeline, and a subsidiary under its jurisdiction.


The company currently owns a 3000hp drilling rig and a  coiled tubing equipment, and has one support base to provide services to well-known customers.

304, Robot Park Tower, Al Khan Corniche st. Sharjah, UAE
+971 (0) 58566 7816

Branch Office of Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd (Iraq) was established in 2018, with its headquarters located in Basra, southern Iraq.


Since its establishment in 2018, the company has been serving international oil companies, such as BECL (ROO), EBS, KEIL, as well as internationally renowned oil service company SLB.



Our current operation teams in Iraq include:


HL-99/HL-100 team: 750HP truck mounted workover rig, entered the Rumaila oil field in 2018, and successfully renewed a new five-year contract with excellent operation and safety performance.


HL-101 team: 750HP truck mounted workover rig, entered the Rumaila oil field in 2024. Due to the rich performance and good reputation accumulated in the Rumaila oilfield in the early stage, a new workover rig was successfully operated in 2024 and joined the new contract.


HL-17 team: 2000HP SCR drilling rig, entered the East Baghdad oil field in 2022, and won praise from our client with its high-speed moving efficiency;


HL-16 team: 2000HP SCR drilling rig, entering the Missan oil field in 2022.


HL-22 team: 2000HP SCR drilling rig, entered the SIBA gas field in 2022, and successfully completed the general contracting drilling project of the SIBA gas field by the end of 2023, demonstrating Hilong Iraq's professional ability and reliable service quality in the field of drilling technology comprehensive services, which was appreciated by Clients. HL-22 successfully entered the Zubair Oilfield in April 2024.




Hilong Iraq is currently focusing on the safe operation of traditional drilling services in various areas. By improving operational performance, we have won the trust and favor of various clients and promoted market development. At the same time, by increasing market development efforts, continuously expanding business scope,Hilong Iraq transform towards potential new directions such as comprehensive drilling technology services, environmental protection, and trade.

Al-Basra, Al Baradhiaa, Hay Al-Rabie, House No 3

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Nigeria Ltd. (Nigeria) was incorporated in 2010, with its headquarters located in Hackett, the capital of Nigeria's River State.


Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been serving high-end international oil companies in Nigeria, such as SPDC(Shell Nigeria), NAOC(Eni), and other well-known oil companies in Nigeria.


The current operation teams in Nigeria include:

·  HL-19 team: 2000HP SCR drilling rig, entered the Nigerian market in 2012, with the first client being  SPDC. Excellent operation and HSE performance have won high recognition from our clients;

·  HL-27 team: 3000HP VFD drilling rig, entered the Nigerian market in 2013, and was the first high-temperature and high-pressure 3000 HP drilling rig in the African region. Successfully completed multiple HTHP wells for SPDC and NAOC;

·  HL-29 team: 2000HP SCR drilling rig, entered the Nigerian market in 2019. After completing multiple complex well drilling tasks for SPDC, it has successively served well-known local oil companies in Nigeria and won praise from the client;

·  HL-7 team: With a diversified and light asset business model, Hilong provides key personnel and comprehensive management services for the drilling rig.


At present, Hilong Nigeria is actively innovating its service model, carrying out business transformation to better serve the local oilfield development requirements of Clients, actively exploring integrated drilling service, oilfield management service, and special engineering technology services.

No 33, Apara Link Road, G.R.A PHASE 2. Port Harcourt, NIGERIA.
+234 8050210535

Hilong Oil Service Ltd Libya Branch was established in 2023 and is located in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli. At the beginning of 2024, a coiled tubing equipment entered Libya and has successfully passed acceptance inspection, and is about to begin operation.

(10.53.240) Alnoflieen / Ahmed Almangoush street, Tripoli, LIBYA
+218 91-0498054

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Ecuador Cia. Ltda. (Ecuador) was incorporated in early 2009 and is headquartered in Quito, Ecuador.


Offering Services :

•Drilling Services
•Workover or Reconditioning Services
•Swabbing service
•Integrated drilling & completion services management
•OCTG JIT model service
•Nanotechnology for oil enhancing recovery & reduce viscosity of heavy crude
•Tubing running for premium & EUE connection
•Welding Services for Hardbanding
•Repairing of Drill Pipe
•Warehousing and logistic service for OCTG
•field development &management services for matural feild


Offering Products:

•Drilling and workover Rig & different operation units 
•API& Non API Drilling tools, Tubing, Casing, Liner, line pipe and its accessories.   
•Anti-corrosion internal & external Coatings, Hardbanding  material.  

•Spare parts for drilling& workover rig. 

At present, there are five operations teams for the Ecuador Project, namely, HL-3, HL-12, HL-15, HL-18, and HL-28. In total, there are 1 drilling rigs, 3 workover rigs, and an oil bailing machine providing drilling and workover services for ANDES, PETROECUADOR and PETROBELL.

Av. Republica E7-197 y Diego de Almagro Edificio Forum 300. piso 7. Quito, Ecuador
+593 22523535/2253026/22523027

Hilong gained access to the Saudi Aramco's onshore drilling market for the first time

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